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Turkey Hill All-Natural Ice Cream

We love ice cream in our house. Our first choice is Graeter’s, which is all-natural and oh-so-delicious. If you’re not familiar with Graeter’s, it’s a Cincinnati brand ice cream made in small batches using the French Pot method. You can buy pints at Kroger and Marsh here in Indy, fortunately for my tastebuds, unfortunately for my waistline 😉

Anyway, I had a coupon for a $1 off Turkey Hill All-Natural Ice Cream and decided to give it a try last week when Kroger had it on sale. I got plain old vanilla and it was really good! Nice flavor and only five ingredients. I added on my all-natural peanut butter and some chocolate chips and made

a yummy sundae 🙂 While Graeter’s is still number one, this is a great second choice. 

*Turkey Hill is not reimbursing me for my opinion of their yummy ice cream.