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Eating Clean 12 Days of Christmas – Signs

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I made my dad and my mother-in-law each a sign with a cute phrase. You can buy them on Etsy and other places, but to save some money I made my own. I was inspired by Just Imagine.

They took inexpensive wood plaques from a craft store, painted them fun colors and mod podged a picture on it. I did basically the same thing I did with my subway art. I found precut decorative wood plaques at Michaels and painted them black. Then I took the phase I wanted to use and in Publisher created a document with a black background and white letters in a fun font. I printed it out on plain old copy paper, cut it to match the size and shape of the plaque and mod podged in onto the plaque. I added two more layers of mod podge on top to seal the deal. Add a frame hanger on the back and that’s it!